This blog is an attempt to discuss the essential philosophy of Advaita Vedanta in a scientific, philosophical and "traditional-religion"-agnostic point of view.

Vedantic philosophies...

A very simple way to look at some of the philosophies...


   I am the wave, you are the ocean.
The body, mind and intellect is separate from the objects it perceives. This separation of the perceived from the perceiver is Dvaita. 

I, the wave, am but a part of you the ocean.
The body, mind and intellect are actually a part of the object it perceives. The Brahman encompasses the perceiver in the body, mind and intellect.

   You, the ocean and I, the wave are nothing but water, perceived.
The body, mind and intellect and the objects it perceives are in fact all the same and unreal and a result of the projection of the one reality of Brahman, a projection caused due to the perception itself.

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